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What can I say? I contacted CCI on an infidelity issue and Derek did whatever it took to get me the evidence I needed over a 10-day period. Nothing was too much trouble and he repeatedly dropped whatever he was doing in order to be where I needed him to be at the moment I needed him to be there. His rates are more than reasonable and his effectiveness is unquestionable. I have never done anything like this before and I hope I never have to again but, if I do, there is only one place I am going to go. In addition, Derek is a super-nice guy and, although I have never met him, you get the sense that he is in this business to right the wrongs' that people do simply because he has a strong moral fiber. He was also sensitive to my issues and feelings and, under difficult circumstances, made me feel comfortable with the process and the situation I was in. I cannot speak highly enough of him or his services.


They found who we were looking for with very little information and they did it in one afternoon! I am very happy with our results and would go to them again if we ever had the need.


I hired a private investigator locally to provide me with some information. I paid a large sum of money ($1500 in cash!) to the private investigator in advance. I called the private investigator to follow up with him after a week to get a status update, as I hadn’t heard from him, and the recording stated that the number was no longer in service. He completely disappeared on me along with my money! I was completely devastated! At that point, I had completely lost confidence in all private investigators.....yet at the same time, I still needed the services of a private investigator to provide me with critical information regarding my upcoming legal proceedings. I took a huge gamble and reached out to Derek at Clear Capture Investigations. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Derek’s service was outstanding to say the least. His services were delivered in a professional, confidential and timely basis for a fraction of the cost that I originally paid for the same service with the first private investigator. I highly recommend Clear Capture Investigations to anyone in search of a Private Investigator for a wide sprectrum of services. Good luck!


I worked along side the department of Defense and needed some information on an individual and after weeks and weeks of searching, I had all but lost hope, in finding this individual. A good friend of mine had rave reviews about Derek's professionalism as well as his ability to do the impossible. Well, needless to say, I finally called him yesterday... at the end of the day and he was very understanding of my sensitive situation and told me he was on the way back to his office and would call me in an hour with all of the information I requested. It wasn't 40 minutes later he called me back with everything I needed. I have stored his info and have passed it on to my associates, should they ever need a truly top notch investigator. All I can say, is if you need a competent and thorough investigator, he definitely you guy! 5 Stars all day.


I bugged Derek for months before finally pulling the trigger, and was very happy that I finally did it. The service was mind-boggling quick, and done to perfection. I couldn't possibly recommend this guy enough.


Our firm has had great success utilizing the services of Clear Capture Investigations. We retain CCI for ALL our insurance fraud surveillance needs and also to assist with witness location, subpoena service and even trial preparation. Derek and Clear Capture have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. Carter, Drylie & Little uses CCI exclusively and has for 5 years with great results. Derek Uman is thorough and timely! I highly recommend CCI for your investigative needs.


I needed a "Specialized Investigation" from Clear Capture Investigations. I often travel and I had suspicions my now ex-husband was cheating on me while I was out of town. Derek Uman was able to install four hidden cameras and a mobile DVR in my vehicle to document any activity WITHIN the vehicle while I was away. When I returned home and viewed the video, I was not surprised. Needless to say, my husband was literally caught with his pants down. There wasn't much he could say about it. Clear Capture's professionalism and knowledge concerning the newest most hi-tech equipment is second to none. I greatly appreciate your help!!


At one of the lowest times in my life, I had the pleasure of talking with, and ultimately working with, Derek Uman of Clear Capture Investigations. From the first phone call through the entire process of compiling data and many followup telephone and email communications discussing details of my case, Mr. Uman was nothing but professional, kind, courteous, thorough, and timely. Mr. Uman showed compassion when talking to me about my unfortunate “situation” and reassured me that he would provide nothing but accurate evidence, as it related to my case. I am pleased with Mr. Uman's work and could not have asked for a better investigator. Of course, I would recommend Mr. Uman, and his company, to any of my family and friends, if needed. Thank you.


I was in need of a private investigator and a co-worker recommended Clear Capture Investigations. I spoke to Derek Uman and he was courteous and informative. His fees were very affordable, so I decided to use his services. Mr. Uman spent some nights sleeping in his car to make sure he obtained the best possible video surveillance for my case. This may be routine for a private investigator, but it was very much appreciated!. The outcome ended in my favor. Derek Uman/CCI get my highest recommendation!


I have used Clear Capture Investigations a number of times with great success. Derek is professional, discrete and responsive, and each time he provided me with more information than I anticipated. I wouldn't think of using anyone else, and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of investigative or surveillance work.


Derek Uman at Clear Capture Investigations supplied me with the evidence I needed to move on with my life. He was professional, courteous, and very fair with pricing. If you need a great private investigator I would highly suggest Clear Capture Investigations. Thanks for all your efforts!!


A friend of mine who is an attorney needed the assistance of a private investigator. I heard of Clear Capture Investigations through another friend of mine and they had good results with them. So, I referred them to my attorney friend who needed discreet video surveillance for his case. After everything was all said and done, my attorney friend had won the case due to the video evidence. From what I understand, the videos were clear, in-depth, and of high quality. Clear Capture does.


I got the answers I was looking for at Clear Caption Investigations. I'd highly recommend Derek for all your PI work. If your in need of a private investigator, don't hesitate to call. Thanks Derek!


Very honest and hard working. Derek got the results to us in half the time as the other private investigators we used. Video was amazing. We wanted proof AND WE GOT IT. We will use his services anytime we are in need of a PI. Thank you very much Derek!!


I'll keep it simple--Clear Capture Investigations is an honest, hard-working, and results oriented investigative firm. They can handle any case thrown their way.


Very good service. Fast and completely professional.


A results orientated PI firm!!